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The ONLY Mental and Physical Wellness Program Designed Specifically For Educators
If you are an educator looking for an affordable one stop shop for wellness, mindfulness, fitness, and nutrition...TeacherFit is for YOU!
Oh, and don't forget about our student class break programs!!
Efficient Design
Each program is designed to provide high quality results without taking to much of your time. 30 mins or less.
User Friendly
All of our wellness programs can be accessed from your smart device or computer 24/7.
For less $ than 1 meal eaten out a month you can have unlimited access to ALL of our programs.
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TeacherFit Mindfulness
Our newest program and possibly our most important. We will be publishing weekly mindfulness routines including meditations, breathing practices, and mental health messages.

These programs, like our other programs, will be accessible through our app and private online community group.
TeacherFit Fitness
Each week we publish 5 new high intensity functional movement style workouts on our TeacherFit app. We use simple and effective movements, that can be easily modified to meet your needs, to produce high quality results in less than 30 mins.

Each workout includes a video based explanation, movement demonstration, guided warm up, full workout video, and cool down.
TeacherFit Yoga
Each week we publish 2 new yoga classes on our TeacherFit app. Our yoga classes rotate styles from gentle yoga, Hatha, and Vinyasa. 

Each class is 30 mins in duration and designed to help you gain mobility flexibility, center yourself, and provide mental and emotional benefits. 
TeacherFit Nutrition
High quality nutrition and healthy habits are a staple in our TeacherFit Wellness Plan. The more healthy habits we adapt and healthier food we eat the better we can be for ourselves and our students. 

We provide year round nutritional coaching in our private online group and conduct our Brilliance at the Basics Nutrition Course each quarter. This course is a 6 week course into building self-awareness and learning the habits and routines you need to stay consistent in a healthy nutrition lifestyle no matter your goals. 
Student Class Breaks
Educators have asked and we are listening. This is our student focused program that allows educators to bring the principals of mindfulness and movement into their classrooms.

Each week we published a student focused guided meditation and a movement break. These offerings are 3-6 mins and easy to implement in any classroom environment. 
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